Price list for the use of the services of GmbH

Registration on the website of the company are free!
After logging in, you will be asked to confirm by returning an email or a fax to a WhatsApp your login information. This ensures that no one can log in your name and only commercial traders are signed in. Please send at the same time a confirmation of your trade activity in the motor trade to us (by FAX, mail, email or WhatsApp). Only after receipt of this document, your user account will be activated by us and you can log in and work in the system. Will you be charged only if you want a vehicle setting and thus Sell or if you have bid on a vehicle and bought it.

Fees for listing a vehicle

The GmbH rises for adjusting a vehicle for a fee of 25,00(1) €.

Fees assuming a price proposal

If a vehicle within the auction received no bids, the seller has the right to accept the highest price proposal and to sell the vehicle to this buyer. Price offers the purchaser are binding for 15 days. The buyer in this case, in addition to the auction fees (see next point) computes a proposal fee of 25,00(1) €.

Charges on completion of an auction

At the completion of an auction, the following costs for the highest bidder (purchaser) or for direct buyers emerge:

Auction fees for vehicle purchases(1)

0,00 €500,00 €25,00 €
501,00 €1.000,00 €48,00 €
1.001,00 €4.250,00 €85,00 €
4.251,00 €Offer price2,00%  of the asking prices

Auction fees for vehicle purchases of private persons(1)

0,00 €500,00 €50,00 €
501,00 €1.000,00 €96,00 €
1.001,00 €4.250,00 €170,00 €
4.251,00 €Offer price4,00%  of the asking prices

Cost at the end of the auction without price proposal/bid

Terminates the vehicle seller the auction and was by this time no bid on the vehicle submitted or all proposals submitted price/bids are expired, we will charge a Fee of 25,00 € payable by the vehicle adjuster (seller).


The vehicles must be collected after the auction within 6 working days. For each additional day may require a demurrage the seller.

All prices are exclusive of applicable VAT.

When setting a vehicle or after the auction the payer will receive an invoice for the service of GmbH by email. The invoice amount is collected by direct debit from his account. In a chargeback of the customer´s bank, the amount of the additional costs for the chargeback and a processing fee and the user will be blocked until payment of the amount owed.

If the user has made a deposit payment, an invoice will be sent to him, which must be paid within 5 calendar days. If the invoice amount is not balanced at this time, system access is locked.

(1) The prices are standard prices.

Erkelenz, in October 2014